Tamiya TT02B

Tamiya TT02B Class Rules

1.0 TT-02B Kit Chassis Vehicle (only below Kits and Body are allowed)

  • 58568 Neo Scorcher

  • 57867 Neo Scorcher

  • 84387 Neo Scorcher, Bright Pink Metallic

  • 58596 Dual Ridge

  • 57876 Dual Ridge

  • 58630 Plasma Edge Edge II

  • 57897 Plasma Edge II

  • 47346 Neo Scorcher Blue Metallic

  • 47355 Dual Ridge Black Metallic

  • 47366 Plasma Edge II Black Metallic

  • 57987 TT-02B chassis & Neo Scorcher body

2.0 Vehicles must be assembled as per Instruction Manual. ‐ NO Modifications to the chassis and or power train are allowed.

2.1 There must not be any omission of parts or building steps from the instructions, except Motor Cover and or Receiver Case

2.2 Illegal modifications include but are not exclusive to: Chassis lightening, Over filling differential and/or diff locking, Steering modifications, High Speed Gear sets, Ball connector resizing, Turnbuckles and any Alloy Hop up parts not included in 2.3

2.3 The following Hop‐Ups are allowed: ‐

  • Standard ball bearing kit (no ceramics)

  • High Torque Servo Saver.

  • Aftermarket Front Shocks (must be equivalent replacement parts and modifications are not allowed to mount)

  • Aftermarket Rear Shocks (must be equivalent replacement parts and modifications are not allowed to mount)

  • Alloy Centre Drive Shaft.

  • Aftermarket Alloy Wheel Hexes and Wheel Nuts.

  • Aftermarket Mechanical Type Motor Heat Sink (No Motor Fans Allowed).

  • Steering links to front hubs are open.
  • ESC 1060 allowed.


3.0 Only bodies sold with TT-02B are permitted but replacement wing can be any 1/10th scale

4.0 Aftermarket tyres and wheels are allowed but must be same size, no foam tyres are allowed

5.0 Tamiya Silver Can Torque Tuned Motors sold with the kit are only to be used.

5.1 Tamiya ESC model sold with the kit or ESC 1060 are the only ESC'spermitted. The battery plug may be changed, however no other component/s relating to the speed controller maybe altered including Motor plugs.

5.2 Max 25t pinion

6.0 Any 6 cell Nicad, 6 cell NiMH or 7.4v 2s LIPO stick pack is legal. However, batteries must fit the factory battery compartment with no modifications to the chassis is permitted. There is no Mah or C rating limit. No Shorty’s or Saddle Packs are allowed

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